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Lincoln High School - Tacoma, Washington - Class of 1960

REUNION EVENTS, 100th Anniversary & Deceased & Missing Lists

This page contains events, happenings, and additional content received over the last few years.  Recent Obituaries are included with the other Classmate and teacher obits in the Bios and Obits pages (  ).

(events are in reverse chronological order)

(11/9/2017) - Added Classmate Patricia Ellen BOOTH Kerns (deceased 5 Nov 2017) to classmate deceased list. 

10/15/2017) - Added Classmates John D. Merriman (deceased 27 Sep 2017) and Kay Annette TRIGGS-Isbell (deceased 5 Oct 2017) to classmate deceased list.  

(9/24/2017) - Added Classmate Lee Vernon Knie (deceased 12 Sep 2017) to classmate deceased list.          

(9/8/2017) - Agenda for next meeting on Thursday 14 Sep 2017 at Noon at La Quinta in our normal meeting room:


1. Read and approve minutes of last meeting of 6/29/17.

2. Old Business.

            A. Reunion Tasks – thank you for a good job.

                        1. Mailers

                                    a.  Accuracy

                                    b.  Mailing

                        2. Publicity

                        3. Cheers

                        4. Name Labels

                        5. Balloons

            B.   Bank Statements

            C.   Scholarships

3.   New Business.

            A.   Next Year.

            B.   New Items.

            C.   Next Meeting Date.

(8/18/2017) - Added Classmate Karl Michael Forch (deceased 4 Oct 2013) to classmate deceased list.                                    

(6/29/2017) - The latest version of the Save-The-Date form from the Reunion Committee for the 2017 get-together:


(5/3/2017) - On 31 May 2017 the Reunion Committee met and the minutes are:
Lincoln Reunion Meeting May 31, 2017
Those attending were: Karleen Purvis, Carol Colleran, Janet Wright, Lou Overbo, Jerry Dunlap, Bob Latterell, John Bames, Jim Summers, Chuck Kinzer and Evie MacCuaig
Jim called the meeting to order and read the minutes from the previous meeting. They were approved.
Old Business: The location for our reunion will be Cheers in Tacoma on August 19th. Jim has confirmed this with Ali. Jim and Lou have discussed our previous concerns with management.
E-mails will be sent as needed. Lou will attempt to contact Larry Felt and Evie will call Jackie to inform her about the meeting and to check on her health concerns.
New Business: A motion was made and seconded to increase our scholarship from one to two this year.
This was approved. Each student would receive $1,500.00. This is paid directly to the schools they choose to attend.
John gave us a sample of the flyer to be sent out. A few additions were included and the printing will be done at Costco. John and Evie will collect the flyers before the meeting June 29th at LaQuinta.
Carol will be in charge of the stamps and mailing labels. John will provide the phone lists and Jerry will bring balloons to designate parking at Cheers. Lou is in charge of the TNT ad and the Lincoln reader board. Bob will handle the name tags at the door,
The next meeting will be June 29th. The meeting was adjourned.

Subject: Follow up on meeting notes


I went to Lyle Ostrander's on 6th avenue. He was not home so I left a message for him to call me. Later that night he called and gave me the info I needed. That was given to John Barnes. He will be at the next meeting if I have to go get him myself.

I also went to the Tacoma News Tribune and gave them the information regarding Cheers. They will put it in the paper as space is available. Lincoln HS will be contacted on Tues.

Lou Overbo

(6/12/2017) - Added Classmates David Delano Anderson (deceased 15 July 2013) and Earl Charles "Chuck" Craft (deceased 15 Aug 2016) to classmate deceased list.

(6/5/2017) - Added Classmate Francis "Frank" Joseph Skladany (deceased 12 May 2017) to classmate deceased list.

(5/29/2017) - On 31 May 2017 the Reunion Committee will meet and the Agenda from Jim Summers is:
Just a reminder, our next meeting is Wednesday, 5-31-17, 12:00, at La Quinta, in our normal meeting room.
The agenda:
1. Read and approve the minutes of the last meeting of 4-25-17.
2. Old business.
A. What happened to the reunion location.
B. E-mails
3. New business.
A. Scholarships and "seed money" -Carol
B. Reunion preparations & task assignments:
Addressing / postage
Clarify parking
Black & gold balloons for markers
Lincoln reader board
TNT announcement
/ name labels
Talk to Ali (Lou and myself)
C. Anything else.

(5/3/2017) - On 26 Apr 2017 the Reunion Committee met and the minutes are:

Those attending were: Jerry Dunlap, Denny Cline, Stan Kohout, Jean Patterson. Carol Colleran, John Barnes, Lew Overbo, Chuck Kinzner, Marcy Horst, Jim Summers and Evie MacCuaig

Jim called the meeting to order and read the minutes from the previous meeting.  Cheryl was unable to attend due to health concerns.

Carol made a motion that we make available a new scholarship available to a Lincoln student this Spring 2017 (Scholarships are awarded in two parts of $750.00 each/per semester).  Motion passed.  It was also determined that the scholarship would go to a new student each year.  Jerry will present the award at the Lincoln assembly.

Future scholarship donations will go through the Lincoln Alumni committee for tax purpose only.  We will select the student and the amount of money from the Class of 1960.  This information will be included in the flyer for the Reunion in August 2017.

A new location was selected by the committee.  Jim will make additional contacts with Farrelli's at Point Ruston.  The second option was to remain at Cheers or Cheers West in University Place.  Ali Kashi, the owner of Cheers, did attend at Lew's request to assure us that we would not have the problems faced at last year's reunion.  A tentative date was set at Farrelli's on August 19,2017.  John volunteered to update the flyer and provide mailing labels.

The next meeting will be Wednesday May 31st.  The meeting was adjourned.


(4/11/2017) - Added Classmate Arthur Lyle Overbo (deceased 4 Apr 2017) to classmate deceased list

(4/6/2017) - Added Classmates Charlotte Marie WRIGHT Hestilow (deceased 27 Dec 2016) and Stephen Anthony DeMark (deceased 2 Jan 2017) and Meridel Linette JOHNSON Brown (deceased 10 Feb 2017) to classmate deceased list.

(12/22/2016) - Added Classmate Thomas Leandro Mackeda (deceased 12 Dec 2016) to classmate deceased list

(11/1/2016) - On 17 Oct 2016 the Reunion Committee met and the minutes are:
Lou called meeting to order

Attendance- Tom P, Karleen, Carol, Jean, Evie, Marcy, Cheryl, Lou, Chuck, Bob L, John B and Jim S

Discussed the Oct Cheers reunion- not everyone knew there was lots of parking, service was very slow, many canceled their food orders, appears owner did not expect the big crowd caused by the Dome event- Lou to contact Cheers owner about the things that went wrong to give owner a chance to get us back next year.

2017 Reunion- Carol suggested Mexican rest on Pacific Ave,- there was a suggestion to do on a Wed which was rejected- possibly do at Cheers again- Bob said if we do Cheers the Dome functions need to be considered - Cheryl suggested we do both postcard and calling- several suggested we have earlier in year like august or sept- Carol and Karleen suggested that next time we send postcards to everyone not just those for which we do not have email.

Scholarship- two recipients have not claimed their money so $ 3,000 is in a hold pattern- Carol will contact them again- Alumni assoc has the same problem- Carol , Evie & Jim will go to Lincoln to try and find out what the root problem is - discussed that after the students leave high school the counselors are no longer responsible for the path to college. Carol will give Lincoln High Alumni Assoc contact info to Jim and John who will send it out.

Discussed that Boys Club could use the money but we can not give it to them because the donations were based on money going to Lincoln students.

Committee chairs- Lou stepped down as chair and Jim summers accepted the position- Cheryl will stay in place as second chair- Jim will be John's back up on computer data

Next Big Reunion- 2020

Next meeting- April 25th- Jim will arrange room at La Quinta.

Lou adjourned meeting.

(7/25/2016) - Added Classmates Frederic D. Brown - Class of 1961  (deceased 24 Jul 2016) and David Austin Davis (deceased 24 Jul 2016) to classmate deceased list.

(7/18/2016) - Added Classmate Patrick A. Kelley (deceased 9 Jun 2012) to classmate deceased list.

(7/13/2016) - On 6 Jul 2016 the Reunion Committee met and the minutes are:

Lou called meeting to order

Attendance- cheryl, lou, jean, evie, stan, jerry d, marcy, chuck, bob l, lyle, karleen, denny

Scholarship-carol gave a report-we have  $ 3500 left and therefore should give another  $ 1500 at end of year. Donations now thru Lincoln alumni assoc so tax deductible under 5013C. This association meets about twice a year. Carol is going to again contact the recipient that has not yet claimed their scholarship.


Oct 1 reunion at cheers- Lou will contact cheers a few days before to insure adequate staff. Lou will place notice in TNT.


Lincoln brick- cost   $ 100 -you can still buy one- if already bought ,you can check out at Lincoln if brick has been placed.


We labeled and stamped postcards to be sent to those who live in Washington and we do not have an email address .


Next meeting is Oct 17 at noon to discuss how the 10/1 reunion went.

(7/10/2016) - Added Classmates Michael Frederick Plankers (deceased 6 Jun 2016) and Andrew P. "Andy" Duval (deceased 8 Jul 2016) to classmate deceased list.

(5/23/2016) - The Reunion Committee meeting originally scheduled for July 7 has been changed to July 6 at the LaQuinta Inn and Suites at 12:00 Noon. We will be putting labels on postcards that will be mailed to the alumni. The "Cheers" yearly reunion event will be held on Oct 1, 2016 at 4:00 P.M. I have made the arrangements with the "Cheers" Manager and there will be plenty of help.
(from Lew Overbo)

(4/10/2016) - On 7 Apr 2016 the Reunion Committee met and the minutes are:

Lou called meeting to order

Attendance- cheryl, john, lou, lyle, marcie, bob, stan, jean, jackie, evie, jim

Annual reunion discussed and decided to be  at Cheers on Pacific ave on saturday Oct first. Lou confirmed the date with Cheers.

Discussed how people would be notified and decided by post card mailing.( This was marcie’s idea) Carol s ,via phone, agreed to arrange for postcards.  Decided committee will meet on July 7 to do the mailing. (that will be putting labels on postcards and possible stamp if postcards do not already have postage)

A few days  before Oct 1, lou will check with cheers that they have enough wait staff on hand for oct 1.

Lou will also put a notice in TNT.

At Cheers, stan, jean , bob will act as informal registration with a sign in list and name tags: stan and jean will provide blank stickum name tags.

After the majority have arrived, cheryl  will do informal interviews as to how they found out about the event and any updated contact info for us. Jean will accompany cheryl and take pictures.

(4/10/2016) - Added Classmate Wilbur Theodore "Willie" Bourlet (deceased 18 Mar 2016) to classmate deceased list.

(3/29/2016) - On 7 Apr 2016 the Reunion Committee will meet at La Quinta @ Noon regular room to plan the Sept. event - Lou agreed to be in charge of that event. Lou will bring the football schedule to April meeting that covers Sept. 2016 so we can try and select a date that does not conflict with Saturday football. Cheryl suggested doing event Friday night - others said no because of the Tacoma traffic issues on Fridays.

(2/2/2016) - Added Classmate Jack Leroy Tavenner (deceased 29 Dec 2015) to classmate deceased list.

(10/5/2015) - On 1 Oct 2015 the Reunion Committee (John, Cheryl, Lew, Karleen, Tom, Evie, Marcy, Jackie, Jean, Stan, Jim, Carol) met at La Quinta.
The following are some of the items discussed:
Our Lincoln Scholarship Fund was over $1800 after the 55th Reunion.  We may combine our funds with the Lincoln Alumni Fund for a donor tax advantage and Carol will investigate and report back.
The 56th Reunion will be at Cheers (probably) or The Swiss (has a parking problem) and Lew agreed to chair this event, probably in September 2016.  He will investigate dates.
Chairpersons for the 60th Reunion in 2020 are yet to be determined.
Suggestions to improve the 5 year Reunion included starting the event earlier and having more time before the meal and update the Tacoma to-do list and provide more copies of the In Memoriam list and to continue the Friday night event.
Carol agreed to conduct the registration process for the 60th Reunion as she did this year.
Next Reunion Committee meeting is scheduled for 7 April 2016 at La Quinta at Noon.

(9/27/2015) - Added Classmate Edwin Edgar Erickson (deceased 3 Sep 2015) to classmate deceased list.                                     

(9/25/2015) - Added Classmates Marilyn Faye LODGE Mulholland (deceased 9 Sep 2015) and James Burke DeMeerleer (deceased 17 Sep 2015) to classmate deceased list.

(7/31/2015) - Added Classmate Stephen Roger Tillett (deceased 11 Dec 2007) to classmate deceased list.

(7/20/2015) - Added Classmate James Arthur (Williams) Stone (deceased 14 Jul 2015) to classmate deceased list.

(7/7/2015) - Added Classmate David A. Baumgartner  (deceased 19 Jul 2014) to classmate deceased list.

(7/2/2015) - Added Classmates Gary Wayne Holdren (deceased 27 Mar 2015) and Alexander L. Firth (deceased 19 Dec 2010) to classmate deceased list.

(6/26/2015) - Added Classmate Beverly Dianne ANDERSON Blake  (deceased 13 Jun 2015) to classmate deceased list.

(6/3/2015) - Added Classmates William F. "Bill" Dyment (deceased 22 Oct 2014) and Max William Engfer (deceased 28 Apr 2015) to classmate deceased list.

(5/24/2015) - On 12 May 2015 the Reunion Committee (John, Cheryl, Lew, Lyle, Karleen, Tom, Bob, Evie, Jean, Stan, Carol, Denny, Jackie) met and mailed the final information and registration form for the 55th reunion.  If you have not received one please submit your current address to the Reunion Committee or  A copy of the form can be found on the REUNION EVENTS pages of this web site or below.

The following are some of the details of the 55th reunion from the committee meeting:
The no-host bars start at 5 PM at the La Quinta on Saturday.
Buffet dinner will start at 6:30 PM with 4 lines.
La Quinta pool will be available.
Tables are circular with 10 people per table.
Reunion is open to members of other Lincoln classes.
Our vintage and classic cars will be display in a roped off area of the parking lot.
Names tags will be prepared for all registered classmates and guests (not clip-on name tags but around the neck types).
Greeters at the door will guide classmates to the registration area.

Monday 24 August is the next committee meeting at the La Quinta.



(5/24/2015) - Added Classmate George Claude Dennis (deceased 1 Oct 2014) to classmate deceased list.

(5/17/2015) - Added Classmates Victor Orion Bennett (deceased 19 Jun 2014) and Sandy Jean MOORE Eriksen (deceased 15 Sep 2014) to classmate deceased list

(3/9/2015) - Added Classmate Helen Marie MOSELY Green (deceased 20 Feb 2015) to classmate deceased list

(3/5/2015) - On 20 Jan 2015 the Reunion Committee met and mailed the Save-The-Date notices.  If you have not received one please submit your current address to the Reunion Committee or to  The next Reunion Committee meeting will be at 11:00 AM at the LaQuinta Inn on Wednesday 12 May 2015 in the conference room with lunch available.

(11/6/2014) - 28 Oct 2014 Reunion Committee meeting report: Attendance - Cheryl, Lew, Lyle, Denny, Jackie, Evie, Jim, Marcie, Bob, Karleen and Tom at La Quinta Inn & Suites in Tacoma.  In addition to details presented at previous committee meetings, several items related to the 55th Reunion in August 2015 were discussed.  We will have 4 food buffet lines at the La Quinta Saturday evening event.  No transportation will be provided between the Inn and the Car museum.  We will pass the Lincoln hat for donations to the scholarship fund.  There will be no speakers, no video taping, no tour of Lincoln High School, no reunion book and no deceased book.  A list of deceased classmates will be posted and copies of the list of attendees for this 55th Reunion will be passed out.  The Friday night event location has not been decided and committee members will visit 3 locations for evaluations.  The next meeting is on January 20, 2015 at Carol's house and the save-the-date mailings will be assembled for mailing at that time.

(10/22/2014) - Added Classmate Dianne Fern ANDERSON Barbre (deceased 17 Oct 2014) to classmate deceased list

(10/9/2014) - 11 Sep 2014 Reunion Committee meeting report: Attendance - Cheryl, Lew, Denny, Jackie, Evie, John, Jan, Jim, and Tom at La Quinta Inn & Suites.  The 9/6/14 Mini Reunion at The Swiss Pub was attended by about 70 classmates and the food and drink service were good.  The date of our 55th Reunion is still  Saturday August 29, 2015 at the La Quinta in Tacoma with registration to start at 4 pm.  There will be no formal program and the buffet dinner will be served from 6:30 – 7:30 PM with 2 liquor bars serving from 4 pm to ? and with music from CD's.  A Save-The-Date mailing will be done in Jan 2015 with a registration mailing in May 2015 which will include info on hotel reservations, etc.  Currently 30 rooms are reserved for our group.  There will be no Reunion Book but at each table we will have a list of names of those registered for the reunion.  There will be no Reunion Video produced.  The event is open to members of other Lincoln High School graduating classes.  The location of a Friday night event and the details of displaying our vintage cars in the hotel parking lot are still open items.  The next meeting of the Reunion Committee is on Tuesday  October 28th  at the La Quinta at noon in the Lounge.

(8/30/2014) - Added Classmate Linda Lou PETERSON Perdue (deceased 28 Jan 2014) to classmate deceased list. 

(8/16/2014) - Added Classmate Catherine Mae "Cathy" HAAG Davidson (deceased 10 Aug 2012) to classmate deceased list.    

(7/27/2014) - 16 July 2014 Reunion Committee meeting report:  In attendance were Cheryl, Lyle, Lou, John B., Jan, Jean, Karleen, Tom, Evie, Chuck and Bob L.  The telephone lists for the 54th "Mini Reunion" at the Swiss Pub in Tacoma on 6 Sep 2014 were passed out.  Email notices of the Swiss Pub reunion will be  sent out by John B. now and again one week before the event.  The next Reunion Committee meeting will be on Sept 11, 2014 at La Quinta at Noon and will review the 54th Reunion event.


Additional details about the 55th Reunion were discussed: La Quinta Inn & Suites ballroom will have 10 people per table and two bars set up and four buffet dinner lines.  About 30 hotel rooms will be held for us.  There will be no Lincoln High School tour and for now, transportation to the Lemay America's Car Museum will not be provided.  The 55th Reunion will be on Saturday August 29, 2015 and the event program will have no speakers and registration will begin at 4:00 PM using 4 registration tables and the buffet dinner will run from 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM.  Music will be by DJ or our own CDs and CD player.  No Reunion Book will be prepared for the event and no videotaping will be provided.  A list of event attendees will be passed out along with a list of deceased classmates.  The reunion is available to other Lincoln class members.  A save-the-date mailing will be done in January 2015 and a registration form mailing will be done in May 2015 and will include details on hotel room reservations, etc.  A Friday evening event and a display area for classic cars at La Quinta are open items.

(7/10/2014) - Added Classmate Ronald Elliott Moseson  (deceased 4 Jul 2014) to classmate deceased list.                                     

(7/2/2014) - The Reunion Committee met at the La Quinta on  22 May 2014.  In attendance were the following: Cheryl, Lew, Stan, Jean, Lyle, John, Ken, Evie, Bob, Jan, Denny, Jackie and Chuck.  The "54th" Reunion will be held again at the Swiss Pub in Tacoma on Saturday 6 September at 4:30 PM.  Telephone call lists will be passed out at the next Reunion Committee meeting on Wednesday 16 July at the La Quinta at Noon.  The 55th Reunion will be on Saturday 29 August 2015 at the La Quinta.  Some of the details include: a buffet dinner with 4 food lines, 10 people per table, about 30 hotel rooms set aside for attendees at a reduced rate, event program very limited with no guest speakers, recorded music and a dance floor are available, save-the-date mailings going out in January 2015, detailed invitations to be mailed in May 2015, no contractor doing video tape of event and no Reunion Book but a list of attendees will be provided.

(7/2/2014) - Added Classmate Alan Neil Rasmussen  (deceased 21 Jun 2014) to classmate deceased list.

(5/9/2014) - The Reunion committee meeting at the La Quinta Inns in Tacoma has been moved back a week to 22 May 2014 at the same time (Noon).  Contact Lew or Cheryl to volunteer for a reunion sub-committee for the 54th or 55th Reunion activities.

(3/19/2014) - Added Classmate Shirley Marie SUMMERS Greer (deceased 17 Mar 2014) to classmate deceased list.

(3/18/2014) - Added Classmate Dorothy Emily GALL Niemann (deceased 29 Aug 2004) to classmate deceased list.

(2/24/2014) - Added Classmate Gary Gene Casteel (deceased 24 Jan 2014) to classmate deceased list.

(11/9/2013) - On 10 Oct 2013 the Reunion committee met at the La Quinta Inns to go over the 53rd Reunion results and plans for the 55th Reunion.  In attendance were Jackie and Nick, Evie, Bob, Malinda, Carol, Jan, John, Cheryl, Lyle, Denny, Lew and Jim.  Lew reported about 50 attended the 53rd Reunion at The Swiss Pub on 28 September.  Bad weather and a competing football game contributed to the lower turnout.  Plans for the 55th Reunion at La Quinta in Tacoma and a 54th Reunion at The Swiss Pub were discussed.  The next committee meeting is scheduled for 15 May 2014 at La Quinta.  Contact Lew or Cheryl to volunteer for a reunion sub-committee.

(7/29/2013) - Added Classmate Kenneth Allen Nilsen (deceased 11 Jul 2013) to classmate deceased list.

(7/24/2013) - Added Classmate Janice Eileen READEL  (deceased 21 Jul 2013) to classmate deceased list.

(7/19/2013) -  Jackie BREBNER & Nick Rade, Evie FAIR MacCuaig, Jean HOKOLD Patterson, Denny Cline, Chuck Kinzner, Cheryl WAY Taglieri, Lew Overbo, John Barnes, Stan Kohout, Janet THOMAS Wright and Lyle Ostrander attended the reunion committee planning meeting at The LaQuinta in Tacoma on 11 July.  Lincoln High 100th anniversary events, including the 11 Aug Lincoln Bowl car show were discussed.  Contact lists for the 53rd mini reunion at The Swiss Pub in September were distributed.  Details of the 55th reunion at LaQuinta in September 2015 were discussed and committee members were appointed to various sub-committees such as registration, invitations, mailings, name tags, decorations, car show display, car museum tour, Saturday reunion meal, advertising, room rates, Friday evening get together, etc.  A decision on a 55th reunion book was postponed until a survey is taken at the 53rd mini reunion at the Swiss Pub.  Another reunion committee meeting is planned for 10 October at Noon at The LaQuinta.  Contact Lew or Cheryl to volunteer to help at the events.

(6/27/2013) - Added Classmate Judy Ann TWAITES McInnes (deceased 22 Jun 2013) to classmate deceased list.

(5/19/2013) - Added more events for Lincoln HS 100th Birthday Celebration - see 55th reunion page for details

Monday August 5          Lincoln Night at the Tacoma Rainiers game – Cheney Stadium

Thursday August 8        Lincoln Night at the Tacoma Comedy Club – 933 Market Street

Saturday August 10       Tacoma Summerfest honors Lincoln High School – Downtown Tacoma

Sunday August 11         All-Era Car Show – Lincoln Bowl; Official Ceremony – Lincoln High School

Saturday September 14 Lincoln vs Stadium football game (Turkey Day Game revival) - Lincoln Bowl

(4/23/2013) - Added Classmate Ronald Edward Martsh  (deceased 4 Apr 2013) to classmate deceased list.

(4/19/2013) - Added Classmate Cathryn Ernestine McREYNOLDS Armour (deceased 24 Jul 1996) to classmate deceased list.

(4/4/2013) - Added Classmate Diane Inez PATRICK Kerner (deceased 29 Mar 2013) to classmate deceased list.

(4/4/2013) - The Reunion Committee met at LaQuinta in Tacoma on 21 March 2013 with 13 classmates and spouses in attendance.  Lincoln 100th anniversary activities were discussed and LaQuinta management presented details on their amenities for the 55th Reunion, including a buffet meal, 2 bars, a car show area, reduced room rates, etc.  Detailed committee assignments were made for the 55th Reunion.  The time & date for our annual mini-reunion was set for 4:30 PM on Saturday, 28 Sep 2013 at the Swiss Pub in Tacoma.  The next Reunion Committee meeting will be on Thursday, 11 July 2013 at Noon at LaQuinta and phone call assignments for the September mini-reunion will be made.  Co-chairs are Lew Overbo and Cheryl WAY Taglieri. 

(3/20/2013) - Added Classmate Kenneth Eugene Alban (deceased 16 Mar 2013) to classmate deceased list.

(3/8/2013) - The detailed plans for the 100th anniversary of Lincoln High School were added to the 55th Reunion page link on the left of this page.

(1/25/2013) - The next Reunion Committee meeting will be held at the La Quinta Inns and Suites, 1425 East 27th St., Tacoma and near the Tacoma Dome on Thursday, March 21, 2013.  They have a private room that can seat up to 25 people.  Please plan to be at the meeting by 11:45 AM with the meeting starting at Noon.  Lunch will be available during the meeting.

(1/22/2013) - Added Classmate Daniel P. Chapman, Sr. (deceased 13 Jan 2013) to classmate deceased list.

(1/9/2013) - Added Classmates Georgia Charlene STOUMBAUGH Twaites (deceased 27 Dec 2012) and Noel Gary Schuler  (deceased 5 Jan 2013) to classmate deceased list.

(12/29/2012) - Added Classmate Janie Marie OFSTHUN Bottcher (deceased 29 Dec 2012) to classmate deceased list.

(12/27/2012) - Added Classmate Jimmy George Sundahl (deceased 22 Dec 2012) to classmate deceased list. A video with photos is at

(11/7/2012) - Added Classmate Shirley A. HEGGEN LaVelle (deceased 6 Nov 2012) to classmate deceased list.

(10/24/2012) - Another Reunion Committee meeting was held at Oscar's Restaurant in Tacoma on 18 Oct 2012.  Sixteen classmates and spouses attended.  About 85 attended the 52nd Reunion at The Swiss on 22 Sep.  Questionnaires were returned with new info and all agreed to continue the yearly reunion.  A suggestion was made to advertise the next one in the newspaper.  Additional planning was done for the 55th Reunion at the La Quinta in Tacoma.  Save the date notices will be sent in Jan 2015 and registration info will be sent in May 2015.  There will be a shuttle between the Hotel and the Lemay - America's Car Museum.  The next Reunion Committee meeting will be at Noon, Thursday March 21st and probably at Oscars.

(9/30/2012) - Added Classmate Gary Phil Ficca (deceased 25 Sep 2012) to classmate deceased list.

(9/30/2012) - A successful mini 52nd Reunion was held at the Swiss Pub in Tacoma on Saturday 22 Sep 2012.

(9/18/2012) - Another Reunion Committee meeting was held at Oscar's Restaurant in Tacoma on 5 Sep 2012.  Nine classmates and spouses attended.  Additional planning for the 52nd (Saturday 22 Sep at the Swiss Pub) and 55th reunions were done.  Telephone call sheets results were discussed.  A questionnaire will be passed out at The Swiss Pub for feedback and contact information updates.  The setup at The Swiss Pub will be the same as last year but we will have table service for food and drinks (no standing in a food line).  The videos of previous reunions will not be played at the event.  The next Reunion Committee meeting will be at Noon, Thursday October 18th at Oscars. 

(8/24/2012) - A Reunion Committee meeting was held at Oscar's Restaurant in Tacoma on 26 July 2012. 15 classmates and spouses attended.  Planning for the 52nd and 55th reunions were done and a date of 22 Sep 2012 was confirmed for the 52nd Reunion at The Swiss Pub in Tacoma.  Telephone call sheets were passed out.  Discussions on the 55th Reunion were held and the La Quinta in Tacoma was selected as the site on the 3rd Saturday in September 2015.  The nearby Lemay-America's Car Museum will be part of the event.  The next Reunion Committee meeting will be at Noon, Wednesday September 5, 2012 at the same location.

(8/6/2012) - Added Classmates  Evelyn Doris MAIJALA Stumpf (deceased 1 Aug 2012) and JoAnn KLEVMOEN Ouellette (deceased 28 Jul 2012) to classmate deceased list.

(6/19/2012) - Added Classmate Larry Alan Burk (deceased  April 2012) to classmate deceased list.  A Youtube memorial video of Larry's life is at

(6/12/2012) - Added Classmate Richard Henry "Dick" Bernius (deceased 10 June 2012) to classmate deceased list.

(5/15/2012) - Added Classmate Bonita Jean LONGWORTH Crelling (deceased 4 May 2012) to classmate deceased list.

(2/15/2012) - A Reunion Committee meeting was held at Oscar's Restaurant in Tacoma on 10 Feb 2012.  18 classmates and spouses attended.  Planning for the 52nd and 55th reunions were done and a date of 22 Sep 2012 was selected for the 52nd Reunion (probably at The Swiss in Tacoma).  The next Reunion Committee meeting will be at Noon, Thursday May 17, 2012 at the same location.

(10/14/2011) - A Reunion Committee meeting was held at Oscar's Restaurant in Tacoma.  12 classmates attended and results of the 51st Reunion Event held on 17 Sept. at The Swiss were discussed.  Planning for the 52nd and 55th reunions were also done.  The next Reunion Committee meeting will be at Noon, Thursday January 19, 2012 at the same location.

(10/2/2011) - Added Classmate Patrick Edward Swanson (deceased 26 September 2011) to classmate deceased list.

(9/17/2011) - Our 51st Reunion held at The Swiss Pub.  Over 80 attended and $500 was raised for the Scholarship Fund.  Two crowd shots and Co-Chair Lew Overbo starting the "passing of the Abe hat" are shown below.  More pics are on the " 50th, 51st & 55th Reunion Events" web page.




(9/6/2011) - Added memorial services for Classmate Gary Hansen as published in News Tribune on 5 Sept 2011:
Gary Robert Hansen Sr. (Hummer) February 7, 1941 to June 8, 2011 Gary passed away peacefully on June 8th, 2011 in Nebraska. Gary was born in Tacoma, WA. He graduated from Lincoln High School in 1960. A Celebration of Life will be held for Gary on September 8, 2011 from 4 to 6pm at the Fabulous Fifties Hall (The Classic Car Showroom) on the corner of 6th and St Helen's in Tacoma.

(8/22/2011) - Added Classmate Darold J. Mattoni (deceased 14 August 2011) to classmate deceased list.

(8/18/2011) - A Reunion Committee meeting was held at Oscar's Restaurant in Tacoma. 13 classmates attended and details of the 51st Reunion Event on 17 Sept. at The Swiss were discussed. The next Reunion Committee meeting will be at Noon, Friday October 14, 2011 at the same location. A group photo is below.


(7/16/2011) - Added Classmate Robert E. "Bob" Feddersen  (deceased 28 June 2011) to classmate deceased list.

(7/3/2011) - Added Classmates Carol Lee CRANE Martin  (deceased 24 May 2002) and Fred Junior Roetter (deceased 7 Sep 2006) to classmate deceased list.

(6/22/2011) - A Reunion Committee meeting was held at Oscar's Restaurant in Tacoma. 14 classmates attended and details of the 51st Reunion Event at The Swiss were discussed.  The next Reunion Committee meeting will be at Noon, Thursday August 18, 2011 at the same location.  A group photo is below. 


(6/10/2011) - Added Classmate Gary R. Hansen (deceased 8 June 2011) to classmate deceased list.

(5/12/2011) - A Reunion Committee meeting was held at Oscar's Restaurant in Tacoma.  16 classmates attended and a 51st Reunion Event was approved for Saturday, September 17,  2011 at 5 PM at The Swiss, 1904 Jefferson Ave, Tacoma.  Details are shown below.  Another Reunion Committee meeting will occur on 22 June 2011 at Noon at Oscar's.


(4/30/2011) - Scheduled Reunion Committee meeting on Thursday 12 May 2011 at Oscar's Restaurant 8726 South Hosmer in Tacoma at Noon.  Agenda includes feasibility of a 51st Reunion with a get-together like we did in 2010 at "The Swiss" and a potluck picnic like we did at Little Spanaway.  Join us for a lunch meeting with your classmates.

(4/1/2011) - Added Classmate Gustaf C. "Gus" DeBock  (deceased 24 Mar 2011) to classmate deceased list. 

(3/8/2011) - Added Classmate Derald Ray Christensen  (deceased 5 Mar 2011) to classmate deceased list.

(3/2/2011) - Added Teacher Chuck Gilmur  (deceased 13 Jan 2011) to obit pages. 

(1/6/2011) - Added Classmate Judy Anne (PADUR) Bush  (deceased 29 Dec 2010) to classmate deceased list and obit pages.  Added Obit for Eulis A. Presley (deceased 9 Dec 2010) to obit pages (Eulis was in our class at Whitman Elementary)

(1/3/2011) - Added entire 2010 Reunion Book and 2005 Memory Book to a public "cloud" for viewing and downloading by anyone.  Details on 50th Reunion Events Page.

(10/16/2010) - Added Classmates William Wiley Benefiel  (deceased 4 Aug 2010) and Barney E. Stallone (deceased 15 Aug 2010) and Terry D. Thaden (deceased 30 Sep 2010) to deceased list.

(9/20/10) - Added a set of about 147 photos from the Friday, Saturday and Sunday 50th reunion events submitted by classmates. - see our web page at

(9/2/10) - Several classmates attended the dedication ceremony for the Donald G. Topping Regional HOPE Center.  Some of them are shown in the photo below: John Barnes, Chuck Kinzner, Karleen (Vieneau) Purvis, Jackie (Brebner) Rade, Jerry Dunlap, Morry Walter, Stan Kohout, Jim Summers and Judy (Meier) Summers. 



(8/21/10) - Added Classmate Thomas Samuel Tipton  (deceased 15 Aug 2010) to deceased list

(8/20/10) - Reunion Committee met at King Oscar's Restaurant  in Tacoma.  Group picture below.  Next meeting on 15 Oct 2010 at King Oscar's Restaurant.


(8/19/10) - Added announcement of Potluck Picnic received from Norm Eklund:

"There will be a Potluck lunch at Pt Defiance - Nisqually Fort area - for the classes of 58, 59, 60 and 61 on Thursday Sept 9th from 11 to 3:00.  All Alums from these classes are invited"


(8/15/10) - Added Current List of Classmates Attending Saturday Reunion Dinner - click on 50th Reunion link on the left

(7/28/10) - Added Classmate Arden Lee Flom  (deceased 20 July 2010) to deceased list

(7/23/10) - Added Classmate Julia Vargo  (deceased 17 Nov 1989) to deceased list

(7/16/10) - Reunion Committee met at King Oscar's Restaurant  in Tacoma.  List of attendees: John Barnes, Cheryl  (Way) Taglieri, Denny Cline, Jerry Dunlap, Larry Felt, Marcy Horst, Chuck Kinzner, Stan Kohout, Jan (Thomas) Wright,  Ruby (Haggstrom) Davis-Reed, Evie (Fair) MacCuaig, Jackie (Brebner) Rade, Ken Bates, Carol (Strobel) Colleran, Jim Summers, Shirley LaVelle, Ron Moseson and Bob Latterell.
Of the 559 envelopes mailed in May with invitations to the 50th Reunion, about 19 were returned as missing.  To date we have 161 registered to attend the Saturday, 11 September event at the Tacoma Yacht Club.  106 have purchased Reunion Books which will be distributed on Saturday or mailed at a later date.  Over $1800 has been collected in scholarship donations.  78 plan to attend the Friday Lincoln tour and The Swiss get-together.  56 indicated they will attend the Sunday picnic at Little Spanaway.
Next Reunion Committee meeting is Friday, August 20th at Noon at Oscar's.
A group photo is shown below.


(7/15/10) - Added Classmate John Orrin Zatkovich  (deceased 2 July 2005) to deceased list

(7/4/10) - Added Classmate David John Maskule (deceased 27 Jun 2010) to deceased list

(6/12/10) - Added Classmate Janet Elizabeth PERRIN Eggers (deceased 7 Jun 2010) to deceased list

(6/4/10) - Dedication ceremony for the Donald G. Topping Regional HOPE Center,  Henry T. Schatz Branch will be on  September 2, 2010 3:30-5:00 pm.

The Center is at 3875 S 66th St    Tacoma, WA 98409   253.502.4600   253.572.8449 fax


The Donald G. Topping Hope Center is a multi-use facility designed to promote collaboration among non-profit agencies in order to better serve youth and families in the community. HOPE stands for Home of Opportunity, Possibility, and Empowerment.


Developed by the Boys & Girls Clubs of South Puget Sound, the center will provide 45,000 sq. ft. of comfortable, functional space for youth, families and nonprofits.

An announcement reminder and a recent aerial view of the building are shown below.  Additional info can be found at their web site ( ) or from Lew Overbo ( ) or Fred Brown (   ).


(5/24/10) - Added Classmates Laurie D. OSWALT Morris  (deceased 16 Apr 2009) and Billie Shannon LOOP Slusser (deceased 11 May 2010) and Frank W. Tisdale (deceased 16 Feb 2007) and Charles D. Hughes (deceased 20 Apr 2010) to deceased list (for a total of 126 names).

(5/14/10) - Added Classmates Melvin Victor Jameyson (deceased 29 Oct 2009) and Milton C. Placy (deceased 15 Mar 1988) to deceased list

(5/13/10) - Reunion Committee met at King Oscar's Restaurant  in Tacoma.  List of attendees: John Barnes, Cheryl  (Way) Taglieri, Anita (Daugherty) Halliday, Denny Cline, Jerry & Maren Dunlap, Larry Felt, Jean (Hokold) Patterson, Marcy Horst, Chuck Kinzner, Stan Kohout, Karleen (Vieneau) Purvis, Jan (Thomas) Wright,  Ruby (Haggstrom) Davis-Reed, Evie (Fair) MacCuaig and Lew Overbo.
Envelopes were stuffed and stamped for the mailing of invitations to the 50th reunion.
Next Reunion Committee meeting is Friday, July 16th at Noon at Oscar's.
A group photo is shown below. 


(4/9/10) - Reunion Committee met at King Oscar's Restaurant  in Tacoma.  List of attendees: John Barnes, Nick & Jackie (Brebner) Rade, Denny Cline, Jerry Dunlap, Larry Felt, Jean (Hokold) Patterson, Marcy Horst, Chuck Kinzner, Stan Kohout, Tom & Karleen (Vieneau) Purvis, Jan (Thomas) Wright

From Larry Felt, class historian

Numbers Summary:

Larry continues to add contact information to missing classmates.  To date there are only 76 Abes still missing.


Reports from Committees


Jerry Dunlap – Invitations Committee – All committee members in attendance were given copies of the Reunion Invitation and the registration form for review and input.  There was some spirited discussions regarding ticket price and it was agreed to set the price at $65  (since changed to $60).


It was brought to the attention of the committee that conditions at Franklin Park may not be conducive to a successful picnic – not enough seating, no fire pits or electrical outlets are just some of the drawbacks.  Karleen & Tom Purvis will cost out tent rentals and other committee members volunteers to assist in making it Franklin Park work.  In the meantime Marcy Horst will check with Tacoma City Parks and Pierce County Parks for alternative sites that may meet all our requirements.  She will get back to the chairs with her findings as quickly as possible.


La Quinta Inn in downtown Tacoma has set aside rooms us and has offered to provide transportation to and from the Yacht Club if we fill 10 or more rooms.  Classmates will need to contact that hotel directly and identify themselves as members of the LHS Class of 1960.


The next meeting is Thursday, MAY 13 at noon at Oscar’s. 

It will be a working meeting to stuff and stamp our Reunion Invitations.



Pics below are from the Reunion Committee meeting 



(3/20/10) - Added Classmate Michel Ann JOHNSTON Honeycutt to deceased list - deceased 15 Mar 2010

(3/5/10) - Reunion Committee met at King Oscar's Restaurant  in Tacoma.  List of attendees: John Barnes, Jackie (Brebner) Rade, Denny Cline, Jerry Dunlap, Evie (Fair) MacCuaig, Larry Felt, Jean (Hokold) Patterson, Marcy Horst, Chuck Kinzner, Bob Latteral, Lew Overbo, Karleen (Vieneau) Purvis, Sharon (Robinson) Morris, Carol (Strobel) Colleran, Jim Summers, Jan (Thomas) Wright, Cheryl (Hill) Taglieri


Currently we have 119 in the deceased list and 79 in the missing or no response list.  Invitations will be mailed in May and Classmates will be asked to RSVP by July 15th.



Friday, September 10

Guided Tour of Lincoln:   We will meet in the auditorium at 4:30 pm.   The tour will begin following an update on educational programs now being offered.


Classmates at The Swiss:   This informal social gathering, beginning at 6 pm, will follow the tour.  The Swiss is located at 1904 South Jefferson.   Food and beverages will be available. 


Saturday, September 11

50th Class Reunion Dinner:   The Tacoma Yacht Club, 5401 North Waterfront Dr., will once again serve as the site for our class reunion dinner.  Registration will begin at 6:30.  Reservations are required.  A no host bar will be available and music will be provided by a DJ.


Sunday, September 12

Reunion Potluck Picnic:  This event will begin at noon at Franklin Park, South 12th and Puget Sound.   Grilled hot dogs will be provided.    Plates, napkins, and plastic ware will be available.   Salads, chips or desserts are possible potluck items.


The Reunion Book

All classmates, even those not attending, are encouraged to return the Reunion Book Information Form and a photo.  The cost of the Reunion Book is $10.00 and will be available at the reunion dinner or by mail for an additional $3.00 per book.


Photography and Video Opportunities At Reunion Dinner

A photographer will be present.    Having your photo taken is an option.  The pictures will be available that evening.   A video, to be mailed approximately 2 weeks following the dinner, will also be offered.  Prices and information regarding photographs and the CD will be available Saturday evening.


Class of 1960 Scholarship Fund

To fund a 50th Class Reunion Scholarship, classmates are encouraged to consider a “$50 @ 50” donation.   Of course, a bigger gift would be welcome.   Payment can be included with registration or at any of the reunion events.    Those unable to attend can send a contribution to the reunion registration address.


“Back in the Day” Photos

Copies can be sent to Jackie Brebner Rade, 11303 Hallstrom Dr. NW, Gig Harbor, WA 98332.  Unless picked up after the reunion, copies will not be returned.


Additional details are on the 50th Reunion Page (click on the link on the left)


The next meeting will be held at Oscar’s Restaurant Friday, April 9th at noon.


Contact Jerry Dunlap or Jan (Thomas) Wright to volunteer for the committee.  A group photo of attendees is shown below.


(2/27/10) - Added Classmate Carolyn Lee SOKOLOWSKI Grismore to deceased list - deceased 28 Jun 2008

(2/26/10) - Added the URL for the Donald G. Topping Hope Center, a multi-use facility designed to promote collaboration among non-profit agencies in order to better serve youth and families in the community.  HOPE stands for Home of Opportunity, Possibility, and Empowerment.  Developed by the Boys & Girls Clubs of South Puget Sound and named for our late classmate, the center will provide 45,000 sq. ft. of comfortable, functional space for youth, families and nonprofits.  Check it out at

A recent construction picture and concept drawings are shown below:



(2/15/10)  -  John Barnes (  ) is looking for any scanned copies of class photos, team photos, car photos or photos of any activities we participated in back in the 50's.  John is printing these old photos for use in the Saturday evening room decorations and possibly in the Reunion Book. 

(2/15/10) - Added an "FB" to the List of classmates to denote alumni with Facebook accounts.  Currently we have about 50 classmates on Facebook.  Make sure you enter your correct high school and "1960" in the Education and Work area of your profile.  You'll need to include "Tacoma" to make sure the correct Lincoln High School is entered.  Once that is done, you can click on the High School entry and Facebook will display a list of all the accounts with that High School and graduation year.  Using Facebook you can send messages to classmates without knowing their e-mail address.

(2/4/10) - Added Classmate Michael Jay Petry to deceased list - deceased 12 Aug 2009

(1/11/10) - Reunion Committee met at King Oscar's Restaurant  in Tacoma.  The Sep 09 save-the-date notice mailing to 570 addresses identified 60 incorrect addresses.  Currently we have 116 in the deceased list and 82 in the missing or no response list.  Phone calls will be made in July and existing Reunion Web sites will be used to make more contacts with classmates.  The Swiss Pub on Jefferson in Tacoma has been identified as a likely place for the Friday evening get-together.  Arrangements to use Wapato Park for the sunday picnic are being finalized.  Dennis Cline is working transportation for the Saturday event.  A videographer and a still photographer will be at the Saturday Gala.  Classmates will be able to purchase a DVD and/or a B&W still Polaroid photo.  Decorations and Saturday's meal details are being finalized.  Contact Jerry Dunlap or Jan (Thomas) Wright to volunteer for the committee.  A group photo of 14 and 1/2 attendees is shown below.  The next Reunion Committee meeting is scheduled for Friday, March 5, 2010 at the same location.


(1/12/10) - Added Classmate Clarene M. (Brechbiell) Jones  to deceased list - deceased 25 Feb 2005

(1/9/10) - Added 3 Classmates to deceased list:
Darlene Mae ALLISON-Holland - deceased 15 Oct 2007  and Edward William Foley - deceased 15 Nov 2009  and Donna R. BITZ Ferguson - deceased 1 Jan 2010

(11/30/09) - Added Classmate Gary J. Hecker to deceased list - deceased 29 Nov 2009

(11/30/09) - Removed Classmate Donald John Tyson from deceased list and added him as John M. Easton, Gallup, NM in Classmates List

Classmate Lee Kloeppel inducted into the Washington Music Educators Hall of Fame for recognition for exceptional support, inspiration and outstanding contribution to the growth and development of music education, both public and private, in the state of Washington.

(11/18/09) - Added Classmate Ronald L. Dolan to deceased list - deceased 7 Feb 2005

(11/10/09) - Added Classmate Judy Irene (GRATER) LaKose to deceased list - deceased 9 Jun 2009

(10/23/09) - Added Classmate John Franklin Kendziora to deceased list - deceased 22 Oct 2009

(9/16/09) - Reunion Committee met at King Oscar's Restaurant  in Tacoma.  A Save-the-date notice was assembled and mailed to our current address list.  Contact Jerry Dunlap or Jan (Thomas) Wright to volunteer for the committee.  A copy of the notice and a group photo are shown below.  The next Reunion Committee meeting is scheduled for January 11, 2010.



8/2/09) - Added Classmate Roy Gene Welch, Sr. to deceased list - deceased 24 July 2009

(8/1/09) - Several classmates attended Derald & Pat Christensen's summer party/car show on 18 July 2009 in Gig Harbor.  Pictures of the event are on our  Group Page.  The pics below show Derald and Stan Kohout and some of the classic cars.

Derald Christensen and Stan Kohout


(7/11/09) - Added more details on 50th Reunion.  The events run from Friday, Sep 10 thru Sunday, Sep 12, 2010 and will include: 

        Tour of remodeled Lincoln High School

        Friday night informal, no host gathering

        Saturday dinner and celebration at the Tacoma Yacht Club

        Sunday picnic at Wapato Park

The Saturday dinner and celebration will NOT include a live band.  Another Memory Book will be compiled.  Let your chairpersons know if you'd like to be part of the Reunion Committee and/or have specific recommendations.  Jerry Dunlap ( ) and Jan (Thomas) Wright ( ) are the Chairpersons.  Expect a "Save The Date" reminder in the September 2009 mail.  Please make sure we have your latest contact information.
Also, we have about 15 classmates signed up on, where we have a Lincoln Class of 1960 Reunion Group.  Give this FREE social network a look.

(5/22/09) - Added E-mail addresses for Classmates Larry Elmore and William Smith (who now lives in Thailand).  Smith's bio and pic added to the Bios/Obits pages at    

(5/7/09) - Reunion Committee met at King Oscar's Restaurant  in Tacoma.  Planning was done for the 50 year reunion which will be held on Saturday September 11, 2010 (save-the-date) with a picnic on Sunday September 12th at Wapato Park and with a tour of the remodeled Lincoln High School on Friday September 10th followed by a football game (if available) and a no-host get together at a local drinking establishment. 


The Theme for the Reunion is Time of Our Lives, Class of '60 Gives Back” to emphasize our donations over the years to scholarships and grants at Lincoln High School.

Attendees were: Jim Summers, Karleen (Vieneau) & Tom Purvis, Marcy Horst, Larry Felt, Jean (Hokold) Patterson, Carol (Strobel)  Colleran, Ruby (Haggstrom) Davis-Reed, Cheryl (Way) Taglieri, Shirley (Heggen) LaVelle, Bob Latterell, Jackie (Brebner) & Nick Rade, Chuck Kinzner, John Barnes, Stan Kohout and co-chairs Jerry Dunlap and Jan (Thomas) Wright. 
The next Committee meeting is scheduled for September 16, 2009 and will include stuffing envelopes for our initial "save the date" mailing.  Three pics from the meeting are shown below, including one with identification of last names/maiden names.




(4/20/09) - Added Classmate Laurie D. OSWALT Morris to deceased list - deceased 16 Apr 2009

(4/15/09) - Added Classmate Janet Ann DURHAM Talbert to deceased list - deceased 10 Apr 2009

(4/12/09) - Added Classmate Michael D. "Mike" McDonough to deceased list - deceased 27 Mar 2009

(4/10/09) - Added Tribune article on Northwest rock bands including the Wailers, The Ventures, The Fleetwoods.
Where Northwest rock was born
Meet three seminal South Sound bands that inspired thousands of followers

Grunge was king in the early ’90s when Nirvana, Pearl Jam and other Western Washington bands stormed the pop charts. And now a new generation of Northwest outfits – the likes of Death Cab for Cutie, Modest Mouse and the Decemberists – continues to redefine pop chic.


But the original Northwest sound invaded radio airwaves five decades ago, in 1959. And a pair of concerts in Seattle next weekend will serve as reminders of how South Sound bands – especially, the Ventures, the Fabulous Wailers and the Fleetwoods – helped put Northwest rock and pop on the map.
or click on "From The Past - Part I" on the left side of this page
and some article pics below


Original Fabulous Wailers members Kent Morrill, left, and Buck Ormsby will appear at a show in Seattle that celebrates their 50 years in the music industry. They’ll appear with fellow garage rock pioneers the Ventures  (4/10/09)




An early promo shot of the Fleetwoods (from left) Barbara Ellis, Gary Troxel and Gretchen Christopher. Dolton Records


On April 26, 1960, the members of the Tacoma-based rock group "The Ventures," from left, Nole F. (Nokie) Edwards, Bob Bogle, Howie Johnson and Don Wilson, posed with their shiny new Fender guitars for one of their earliest photo shoots.

(3/11/09) - Added Classmate William Alan "Bill" Greinke to deceased list - deceased 08 Dec 2008

(2/22/09) - Added Classmate Dennis John Farmer (Paulsell) to deceased list - deceased 31 Aug 2005

(1/21/09) - Added Classmate Joseph Majoric LaVergne, Jr. to deceased list - deceased 6 Dec 2008

(10/15/08) - Thanks to Jan Thomas Wright, we now have a complete copy of the 1960 Graduation Exercise Program including the names of each graduate.  The pages are at the Bios and Obits Web Site:


(9/11/08) - Reunion Committee met at King Oscar Motels & Convention Centers in Tacoma.  Planning was done for the 50 year reunion which will be held on Saturday September 11, 2010 (save-the-date) with a picnic on Sunday September 12th.  Attendees were: Lou Overbo, Jim Summers, Ron & Pat Fisk. Ed & Malinda Sigsworth, Karleen  (Vieneau) Purvis, Sharon (Cole) Deptula, Marcy Horst, Larry Felt, Jean (Hokold) Patterson, Dennis Cline, Carol (Strobel)  Colleran, Ruby (Haggstrom) Davis, Cheryl (Way) Taglieri, Shirley (Heggen) LaVelle & Lee, Jan & Bob Latterell, Evie (Fair) MacCuaig, Jackie (Brebner) Rade, Chuck Kinzner, Sharon (Robinson) Morris and co-chairs Jerry Dunlap and Jan (Thomas) Wright.  The next Committee meeting is scheduled for May 7, 2009.  Three pics from the meeting are shown below. 




(8/21/08) - A new feature added to Web pages - Bios and Obits
Classmate John Mansfield's Web pages can be used to display a personal Bio for each classmate.  You can BRIEFLY discuss your life, accomplishments, family, hobbies, or whatever.  You can also submit a single photo.  Submit your bios and photo by e-mail to John at .  
Additional Web pages at the same Web Site include obits of deceased classmates & teachers and a complete copy of the 1960 Graduation Program, including the names of 638 graduates.
Bios and Obits Web pages can be found at

(8/13/08) - Classmate Art Overbo is featured in the Looking Back section of the News Tribune


(8/5/08) - Classmates Larry Felt, Ken Bates and Larry Burk at lunch


(7/20/08) - Classmate Donald Topping is featured in a newspaper article

Boys, Girls Club gets $1.3 million from volunteer


Published: July 20th, 2008 01:00 AM


Donald G. Topping never had brothers in the traditional sense.


Instead of siblings, Topping grew up with his “Brotherhood.” Guys like Lou, Bish, Moe, Chuck and many more from his days at Whitman Elementary and Lincoln High School in Tacoma.


They were the group he played with and heckled during pee-wee sports when they were young, and in golf when they got older. They were the men who carried him from his house to an ambulance, and stood with him around the clock at the hospice while he fought what his obituary called “the dreaded ‘C’.”


“Top” died May 11, 2007 after a short fight with cancer. He was 65.


He was an unmarried and never fathered children of his own, but he found fulfillment guiding dozens of kids through his volunteer work at the Boys & Girls Club.


Now his legacy will help countless more over decades to come.


Topping left approximately $1.3 million of his estate to the Boys & Girls Club of South Puget Sound.


Not bad for a guy who drove a 1995 Honda Accord with 165,000 miles on the odometer.


“As close as I was to him – I was like a brother – I never knew of his wealth,” said Lewis Overbo, who met Topping when they both were 11. “He knew what he was going to do with his money.”


Topping, who spent his entire life in Tacoma, worked as a marketing director at Washington Natural Gas (now Puget Sound Energy) before retiring in 1997. He studied economics at Pacific Lutheran University and worked the stock market.


But no one knew how much money he had until they saw his gift to the Boys & Girls Club.


“He could have had any car he wanted. He could have had a BMW, he could afford that,” Overbo said. “But I think his plan was more directly related to giving to those who needed it.”


Most of the gift will go toward building the Donald G. Topping Regional HOPE Center, with about $250,000 designated for scholarships for children in the club.


“Education was really important (to Topping),” said Rick Guild, president of Boys & Girls Clubs of South Puget Sound and a friend of Topping. “He said that was kind of an equalizer for him, and he thought helping kids go to college would make a difference in their lives.”


The building, set to open next summer, will replace the South End Boys & Girls Club. The $12.6 million project is at the old Mount Tahoma High School site, and will use existing buildings and playfields.


The site will double the amount of children the club can reach from the current 150, Guild said. And the gift’s effect will be felt for quite awhile.


“For a man of his means to make a gift at this level is phenomenal,” Guild said. “It’s too bad that he’s not going to be able to see the opportunities that this gift is going to give for at least six more generations.”


(7/13/08) - Classmate Gary Hershey leaves his home in Mexico for a visit to the Great Northwest.  Shown below with Lou Overbo's dog, George and a shot of Lou preparing the steaks.



(6/18/08) - Added Classmate Thomas Floyd Faulk to deceased list - deceased 11 Sep 2000

(6/17/08) - Classmates Lou Overbo, Fred Brown, Frank Stetz, Denny Cline and Jerry Ehnat attended the Boys & Girls Clubs of South Puget Sound Luncheon at the Tacoma Dome Exhibition Hall on June 17.  They presented a check for over $1.26M towards the Donald G. Topping Regional Hope Center from the estate of Classmate Don Topping.  Construction at the old Mt. Tahoma High School site is expected to begin in late 2008.  Details are online at

(May 2008) - Tribune "Looking Back" Article about Classmate Carol STROBEL Colleran


(4/25/08) - Classmates John Mansfield and Jim Summers at lunch


(4/24/08) - Added Classmate Justin Lee Dingman to deceased list - deceased 19 Apr 2008

(4/18/08) - Added Classmate Elston William Armstrong to deceased list - deceased 8 Dec 2007

(3/14/08) - Added Classmate Mildred Jean JOYCE to deceased list - deceased 5 Mar 2008

(1/15/08) - Added Classmate Captola M. Skelton to deceased list - deceased 9 Aug 2005

(12/13/07) - Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inducts "The Ventures" for 2008.  Classmate George Babbitt is considered their first drummer, although his name is not on the inductees list.  Stay tuned for the March 10, 2008 ceremony.


(12/11/07) - Added Classmate Karen LINK Clemensen to deceased list - deceased 5 Dec 2007

(10/23/07) - Added Bruce L. Hammer to deceased list (deceased 3 Oct 2007)

(9/1/07) - Added 30 August 2007 News Tribune article on the late Don Topping:



(8/11/07) - Added Jerry Delvin Beardemphl to deceased list (obit not available - 5 Jan 1994)

(7/19/07) - Classmate Harry Hokold interviewed on local TV (below)





(7/18/07) - Added Roscoe Conklin Cox III to deceased list

(6/5/07) - Added Sandra BEITH Insko to deceased list (obit not available - Feb 1972) 

(6/4/07) - Added James Allen Van Horne to deceased list

(5/18/07) - Marriage of classmates Judy K. (Meier) Irwin & James E. Summers on 5/12/07.  They will reside in Fircrest.

(5/14/07) - Added Donald G. Topping to deceased list

(3/27/07) - Added Judy B. KIRSCH Rose to deceased list

(March 2007) - Tribune Articles and Video on Lincoln Renovation


History intact at renovated Lincoln High

Published: March 22nd, 2007 01:00 AM

Ask people about that historic high school in Tacoma and most will think of Stadium High School.

That obvious answer results from the castle’s unique architecture – at least for a school – and its majestic setting on the bluff overlooking Commencement Bay. It doesn’t hurt that the school has a proud and even pushy group of alumni (yes, that includes me).

But there is a negative consequence to Stadium’s success at building a regional, even national, reputation. It serves to overshadow an equally compelling story that began just a few years after the 1914 opening of what was first called Tacoma High School.

That might be remedied a bit this fall when 93-year-old Lincoln High School reopens after a $75 million renovation and expansion.


“I think most people will be as pleased with this as they are with Stadium,” said Pete Wall, director of planning and construction for Tacoma Public Schools.

In any other city, Lincoln would be the educational icon, like Garfield in Seattle, Everett High School and Lewis and Clark in Spokane. Like those schools, Lincoln was built in the midst of a national movement to create academic and technical high schools to take students beyond the basics.

Frederick Heath, the architect behind Stadium and many other Tacoma gems, sent his partner George Gove around the nation to study other schools before designing Lincoln.

Even then, being state of the art was important. But style was considered vital as well.

Collegiate Gothic, Lincoln’s primary architectural style, was chosen to demonstrate that the school should inspire and last. Carved in Wilkeson sandstone above the doorways were inspirational words such as courage, reverence, grace and “Labor Omnia Vincit” (Labor Conquers All Things).

Gene Grulich, a Tacoma architect who studied the history and architecture of the building for the school district, said the Lincoln renovation benefits from something Stadium’s did not – interior features that were not removed or damaged over the decades. The windows, moldings, decorative plaster and grand stairways are being restored in place or will be restored off-site and put back.

In brief, here’s what is being done: The main building (called Old Main by the architects and builders) is being beefed up and rebuilt with some spaces reconfigured. The library addition behind Old Main was replaced with a new science wing. That structure has another duty – to stiffen the old structure for earthquake safety.

A new classroom and library building is rising between the long hall of the old school and the industrial arts building. The gym and pool are being freshened up. And the entire building is getting new heating, plumbing, electrical and computer wiring.

Lease Crutcher Lewis is the general contractor. Heery Inc. is the project manager. DLR of Seattle and TCF of Tacoma are the architects.

Grulich said that during his study of the building, he often ran into families touring the school. The kids were getting ready to start school where their parents, grandparents and even great-grandparents went to school.

“Within its community, it is quite revered,” Grulich said.

On Aug. 31, 1914, the school day was set to begin at 9 a.m., but so many students showed up early to get a peek at the new high school that Principal W.W Parker opened the doors at 7:30 to let them explore.

The walls of the short hallway on the left of the central hub weren’t yet covered with pictures because there hadn’t yet been a graduating class to display there. But someone thought it was a good idea to hang one as soon as there was a graduation.

Once one picture was hung, it was fitting for each new class to join their fellow alums on the wall.

Those frames were taken down for the renovation. But by the time students arrive this September to get their first peek at a reborn Lincoln High School, the frames will be hung just where they were for decades.

Video - Lincoln High School renovation

Peter Callaghan: 253-597-8657

(URL for video)




TACOMA: Lincoln High alumni, neighbors asked to help with reopening

Published: March 21st, 2007 01:00 AM

Lincoln High School is asking alumni and community members for their support.

Alumni can register at www. to keep apprised of upcoming reunions, celebrations and events.

Organizers also seek volunteers to help staff and students prepare for upcoming celebrations of the historic school’s reopening this summer after undergoing an extensive renovation. Prospective volunteers can call the school’s main office at 253-571-5222cq, indicate their interest in volunteering and leave their name and phone number.

Debby Abe, The News Tribune


(1/16/07) - Added Roger Frank Klein to deceased list

(1/8/07) - Added John Francis Nold to deceased list

(11/22/06) - Added JoAnn ZATKOVICH Harold to deceased list

(10/23/06) - Added 2 more to deceased list: Janice M. WARNER Vogel (17 Mar 1984) and Gary Stephen Weinreich (15 Oct 1962)

(9/7/06) - Tacoma Tribune obit of Classmate Gerald D. Mallory published

(8/22/06) - Jerry Dunlap announcement:  All Reunion Committee Members, spouses/significant others/whatevers, are invited to attend the "Sorta Late Summer" committee gathering on Wednesday, September 13 at Jerry and Maren Dunlap's home.  Let's shoot for around 5 pm and eat around 6.  Hamburgers and hot dogs will be grilled, those attending can bring a salad, dessert, veggie tray, or chips/dips.  The address is:  119 Crestwood Dr. SW, Lakewood 98498.  You can Mapquest, Goggle, or call JD at 584-7131 or e-mail for directions.  If you know of any classmates who might be interested in helping with our 50th class reunion, please invite them to attend.  Just to get a rough idea on how much meat I'll need to obtain, an RSVP would be greatly appreciated - but, not required!!!  

(8/13/06) - Tacoma Tribune obit of music teacher Leonard E. Schuchman

(7/9/06)  Classmate Karleen VIENEAU Purvis and her daughter Kalli created a photo album of pictures from their recent tour of Lincoln High School.  Some 40 photos may be found at the Web site:
High resolution copies can be obtained with an e-mail to (identify photo numbers)

(6/8/06)  Classmate Stan Loe featured in the News Tribune as one of the Everytimers, runners who have participated in all 33 previous Sound to Narrows runs.  However, he will miss this year's event: "This year the club loses Stanley Loe, 64, of Gig Harbor. Loe recently took a job preparing golf courses for PGA tournaments and will be in Maryland on race day."

(5/28/06)  Added Classmate David C. Huff to Deceased List (4 Nov 1991)

(5/27/06) - discovered death of classmate Irma Mildred BENNETT Greene on 4 May 2006

(5/25/06) - discovered death of classmate Linda M. (Leingang) Felix on 8 Jan 2006

(5/11/06) - Toast & tribute to Classmate George C. Parent at the Community Tavern.  A few pictures below, including George's self-portrait painting and part of the 40 or so people in attendance. 




(4/27/06) - death of classmate Gary L. Mriglot

(4/30/96) - death of classmate John "Bud" Douglas White (discovered on 4/27/06)

(4/27/06) - death of classmate James F. Gamache

(4/14/06) - death of classmate George C. Parent, Kalamazoo, Michigan

(3/31/06) - death of classmate Bill Thomas (Billie Thomas Tawaka in obit)

(3/20/06) Found and confirmed missing classmate Patricia Ann TRAYNOR in Norfolk, Virginia, after retirement from a 24 year career in the Navy and still working for H & R Block for more than 20 years.

(3/14/06)  Added Classmate Shirley SMITH to Missing List

(3/10/06)  Classmate Roxee J. CILENTI Daniels removed from Missing List and located in Tacoma, WA

(3/8/06)  Added Classmate Joyce M. SWEET Pettit to Missing List

(2/26/06)  News Tribune Article about Classmate Carol (Rugers) Wells:

Family lays to rest WWII airman lost over Himalayas

Published: March 5th, 2006 02:30 AM

From his base deep in northern India, Gerard Rugers Jr., wrote the letter that would be sent home to his family if he were to die or go missing.

It was World War II, and he was a 24-year-old radio operator and private first class in the U.S. Army Air Corps. He flew the treacherous Hump missions over the Himalayas – from India to China and back again – that between 1942 and 1945 would claim more than 1,000 U.S. fliers.

Over seven tender pages, he shared his fears, his sense that a good life was there for him if he made it back home, and his regret that if his family were reading these words, he would not be there to see that life through.

“These last few years, these hopes showed the first faint glimmering of fulfillment,” Rugers wrote. “It’s true that this war may have terminated the hopes of some, but these are only fragments of the whole. There are others to carry on.”

A little bit of that world he left behind 62 years ago came together again Saturday, as his family and friends gathered at Cavalry Cemetery to finally lay him to rest at home in Tacoma.

Rugers had been missing and presumed dead since March 27, 1944. His remains were identified last fall after a U.S. military forensics team trekked to the long-hidden crash site along the Tibetan frontier.

Most of his family passed away long ago, and went to their graves believing an Army Air Corps colonel’s claim that Gerard had received a military burial in India soon after his plane went down. Only in the course of the last few years did relatives learn that story was a mysterious fabrication.

But on Saturday, his sister Frances Lusier – at 87 his last surviving sibling – was there to see his proper burial with military honors, right next to his mother and his father. Nieces and nephews gathered, too, and old friends. The woman he planned to marry was there to remember the young love they’d shared.

A Fort Lewis honor guard fired rifle volleys, played taps and performed the ritual unfolding and folding of the flag. It was presented to his sister “on behalf of a grateful nation.”

“This day is long overdue,” said Capt. Dale Goetz, an Army chaplain.

Lusier, whose memories of her brother have been dimmed by Alzheimer’s disease, still keeps a handsome portrait of him in uniform on the mantel of her Proctor District home.

“Everybody loved him that knew him,” she said.

Phyllis Johnson – her name back then was Markota – was his sweetheart. He attended Lincoln High School, and she Stadium, and they worked together at a Sixth Avenue movie theater.

“He was the manager of the place, but he didn’t push anybody around,” recalled Johnson, now 82. “He didn’t make any advances or anything like that, but he just decided that he’d like to take me out.

“We dated and got to the point where we decided to become a little more serious, and then when he went into the Army it got more serious still,” she said. “We decided to get married when he got back.”

Learning that he wouldn’t return was devastating. But time passed. She married, raised a family, mourned the passing of her husband. Rugers’ niece, Andrea Cook, tracked her down and let her know about the discovery in Tibet.

“It does bring back some things,” she said. “I had a happy marriage. … But it was my second love.”


Rugers’ long journey home began in May 2000, when the Chinese government sent a team to investigate villagers’ reports of a crash site on Meiduobai Mountain in Tibet. The team found wreckage of a U.S. C-46 Commando, tail number 124688.

The following January, the Chinese reported their findings to the U.S. Embassy in Beijing. The information reached the military’s Prisoner of War/Missing in Action office, where officials quickly determined it was the C-46 that had been lost with Rugers and three others aboard back in 1944.

A 14-member team from the Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command in Hawaii – known by the acronym JPAC – made an expedition to the crash site in July and August 2002. The command and its predecessor agencies for decades have searched crash sites and battlefields around the world to find some of the 88,000 military men and women still listed as missing or unaccounted for in World War II, Korea, Vietnam and other conflicts.

The trek into the Himalayas was one of their most arduous recovery missions, said James Pokines, a JPAC anthropologist who made the trip.

The team hiked 14 days through mountain valleys, across streams and up steep terrain, and made camp at 15,500 feet – about 1,100 feet higher than the summit of Mount Rainier.

“Just climbing from our little cluster of tents the 300 feet or so up to the site took like 10 minutes, it was so exhausting because of the altitude,” Pokines said.

The harsh Tibetan winters had destroyed most of the bones. They found mostly fragments, the anthropologist said.

When team members returned to the JPAC lab at Hickam Air Force Base in Hawaii, they sought DNA samples from surviving family members and got to work trying to identify the remains.

By last October, they concluded some of the bones were those of Rugers and one other crew member, Pokines said.

The mission to supply U.S. and Chinese troops fighting the Japanese in China was the U.S. military’s first great airlift operation, but it came at a price. The route over the Himalayas bore the grim nickname, “The Aluminum Trail.”

Rugers’ C-46 was one of more than 600 U.S. aircraft that crashed or were shot down flying in the China-Burma-India theater.

It appeared Rugers’ plane crashed straight into a cliff, perhaps out of fuel, since there was no evidence of a fire, Pokines said. It was many miles off course, and traveling northbound – the wrong direction.

“I suspect that kind of thing happened all the time,” the anthropologist said. “When we were there, the heavy clouds would roll in in the afternoons. You can’t see anything. … There are plenty of things to hit.

“You get lost in the clouds, what are you going to do?”

a telegram and letters

The War Department notified Rugers’ parents, Collette and Gerard Sr., by telegram five days after the crash that their son was missing, and followed up by letter five days later. More letters followed in June, July and October, with little additional information, and in January 1946 the War Department wrote to inform the Rugers that their son was presumed dead.

Then, in August of that year, they received a letter from a Lt. Col. Byron K. Enyart, who said he was the executive officer of the Sookerating air base in India where Rugers had been stationed.

In explicit detail, Enyart described how he personally searched for the crash site and found the wreckage on an island in the nearby Brahmaputra River, not far from the base – on the very same day the craft vanished.

He wrote that he found the crewmen dead inside the wrecked aircraft and buried them in temporary graves. He said he returned days later despite difficult conditions – a native guide drowned on the trip, Enyart said – and that he and the unit’s quartermaster and chaplain gave the downed airmen a military burial.

“I have made some 25 searches throughout the Sahara Desert area and the Hump and I assure you I remember this case specifically due to my own experience and the fact that I knew Private Rugers quite well,” the lieutenant colonel wrote.

But the account raised suspicions at the office of the War Department’s inspector general. Investigators summoned Enyart to Washington, D.C., where his story fell apart under questioning. They learned he’d even been in the hospital with malaria at the time of the purported second trip up the river.

The inspector general determined there was no evidence to substantiate any part of Enyart’s story, other than the date of the plane’s disappearance. And in 1948, the military determined that the four crewmens’ remains were likely unrecoverable.

Military officials today are at a loss to explain why Enyart – who went on to serve as a White House military aide in the Truman and Eisenhower administrations – would make up the tale, except perhaps as a misguided attempt to bring a sense of closure to the Rugers family.

But word that it was a fabrication apparently never reached the downed radioman’s loved ones in Tacoma.


Growing up, there were competing versions about what happened to Uncle Gerard, said Cook, his niece. She is Frances Lusier’s daughter, born two weeks before Gerard was killed.

“There were conflicting stories,” Cook said. “In one, he was shot down. In another, he ran into a mountain. In another, his plane crashed into another plane.”

The versions faded into family lore. His parents passed away – his father in 1955, his mother in 1960 – and mostly, people just remembered how much they loved and missed him.

“Especially my mother,” Cook said. “They were the two youngest, and they were very close.”

And then Cook got a call from the Pentagon’s casualty office in 2003, asking if she or others from her family would be willing to give a blood sample for use as DNA evidence.

“It was all pretty shocking,” she said.

She said she’s still not sure she’ll ever know exactly what happened to her uncle’s airplane, but one thing is certain: His remains were found, and he’s come home.

Army Sgt. 1st Class Charles Brass from Fort Lewis has worked with the family since last October, helping them with the funeral arrangements and other details. He was on hand Friday to greet Cook on her arrival from her home in San Diego, and go over last-minute details.

He smiled as she and her sons, Troy and Tim, talked about the cousins and old friends who would be there at the funeral the next day – people they hadn’t seen in decades, and some they’d never met.

“Your uncle is bringing the whole family back together,” Brass said, “even after all these years.”

Rugers appeared to have foreseen that in his “just in case” letter.

He expressed his love for his family and friends, his recognition that “there is much good and kindness in everyone, even the enemy,” and his hope that some good would come from the war.

“And dearest mom and dad, and everyone,” he concluded, “though I am with you in spirit only, I am ever waiting. And some day we shall be together again and then in truth we shall share the happiness we’ve dreamed of.

“Ever and always, your loving Gerard.”

and photo below with caption:

"Fort Lewis honor guard members fold a flag Saturday to present to Frances Lusier, the last living sibling of Army Pfc. Gerard Rugers Jr. Front, from left: great-nephew Troy Stucker, niece Andrea Cook and Lusier. Back, from left: Tim Stucker and nieces Diana West and Carol Wells."


(2/26/06)  News Tribune Article about deceased Classmate Diane (Morse) Roeser:

This antique buff doesn’t abhor a vacuum

The News Tribune
Published: February 26th, 2006 02:30 AM

Forget bagless. In the late 1800s, people were lucky if they could use their vacuum cleaners without help.

Marlowe Roeser pushed an 1885 Leasure Vacuum Cleaner along the carpet in his South Hill home on a recent morning.

“You’ll never see one like it,” Roeser said.

He’s not kidding.

It’s a good thing the label reads “The last word in vacuum” because the black metal container on two wheels could easily be mistaken for anything but a vacuum cleaner. Picture a cross between a baby stroller and a lawn mower. The motion of the cleaner’s wheels operates a bellows that provides suction at the base of the container as it passes over the carpet.

“I can’t believe it still has the label on it,” said Roeser, 65.

His wonder for the way things worked in the old days is vast. His antique collections include cars, records and roller organs, which are hand-cranked and function like player pianos.

He’s particularly interested in the days before electricity. And vacuum cleaners, washing machines and other household cleaning devices from the 1880s to early 1900s are vivid examples of what a difference an electrical socket makes.

“It’s fascinating how crude things were,” Roeser said. “And how far we’ve come.”

Four decades ago, he and his wife, Diane, came across an 1885 vacuum cleaner in an antique store.

“That’s the one that started it all,” said Roeser, standing in the large room of his home where he neatly displays 150 vacuum cleaners, a couple of dozen washing machines and 300 dust mop tins.

While he focused on collecting cleaners, his wife favored dust mop tins and block puzzles. Diane, 63, died unexpectedly in January; the couple was married 45 years.

“We had a good life,” Roeser said. “We did just about everything we wanted to do.”

Roeser retired from Gai’s Bakery 11 years ago. The couple’s Puyallup Fair food concession stand, Marlowe’s, and his longtime service as host coordinator for Washington Interscholastic Activities Association high school state basketball tournaments keeps him busy.

Roeser’s daughter, Judi Moore of Olympia, said she’s encouraging her father to move his collections to a museum. “People need to see these,” she said.

Meanwhile, Roeser still seeks vacuums on eBay and pays about $80 for his finds.

“It’s exciting,” he said. “I have pieces of history. And the more you have, the more you want.”

and photo below with caption:

"Collector Marlowe Roeser shows how a pump-style vacuum cleaner works"


(2/17/06)  Classmate Jerry Dunlap interviewed on Channel 7 after a wind storm sends a tree into his upstairs bathroom (2 pictures below)



(2/15/06) Found and confirmed missing classmate Barbara J. WASSON Mattson

(2/14/06) Several new names added to classmate missing list:

Roxee CILENTI, Carolyn DAIL, Patsy WATKINS, Patricia Lue TRUAX Pierce and Norman F. Whittier

(2/11/06) - death of classmate Louis Martin Halko

(1/22/06) - death of classmate Diane MORSE Roeser 

(1/16/05) - response form info for Sherrill TANDBERG Miller
Sherrill (Tandberg) Miller.  My husband Jerry and I moved to California eight days before my 23rd birthday and I lived in California 23 yrs.  I moved back here in 1987 because my mother was getting older and my sister needed help with her.  My husband and I divorced after 30+ yrs but remain good friends to this day.  We moved to Calif. so he could pursue his musicial career and he was in a popular band in the late 60s to late 70s.  In fact Rolling Stone magazine had the best 100 guitar players of all time and he made the list.  He has won the blues award in Seattle twice. He still plays music here and travels a bit.  We had two children, Colleen and Dennis.  Colleen has three children Haley (19) Danielle (17) and Dillon (15).  Haley takes after her grandfather, great grandfather and great great grandfather who were all accomplished musicians.  In fact she and my daughter traveled to Sweden to find her great great grandfather's grave. They found living realives there so I'm planning to go back with them possibly this sumner.  Danielle and my daughter Colleen are champion Irish Dancers.  They saw "Lord of the Dance" and that was all it took. Dillon is very artistic and loves to draw and build things.  He must take after my father who was an architect and built some homes in the Tacoma area.  He even built a boat in our back yard when I was in grade school.  My son Dennis has one child, Cody (10) who is also starting to take an interest in music.  We all live up here now.

(1/16/05) - response form info for Veronica MARTIN Boyer
From Sherrill TANDBERG Miller: I'm still in touch with Veronica (Martin) Durnin, Boyer.  She still lives and works in Tacoma.  After graduation she got married and moved away for a time and them moved back here.  She has four children, two girls and two boys.  She is very involved with her children and grandchildren.  She and her first husband divorced and she remarried.  She remained married to her second husband until he passed away a few years ago.  They did not have any children

(1/7/06) - death of classmate James Patrick O'Neill

(1/5/06) - death of teacher William Sullivan

(12/26/05) - classmate Shirley HEGGEN LaVelle marries Leland Floyd Grater

(12/6/05) - death of classmate Ronald Ben Pincock

(11/23/05) - Gary Hershey returns to the Great Northwest from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for a visit until 1/8/06

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