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Lincoln High School - Tacoma, Washington - Class of 1960


REUNION EVENTS, 100th Anniversary & Deceased & Missing Lists

On this page we display the 45th reunion events and info.
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A Successful Reunion!!!
We had some 75 Classmates & friends gather at the informal get-together at the Right Spot in Fife on Friday, September 9th. 2005 to kick off the Reunion Weekend. 
The Reunion dinner at the Tacoma Yacht Club on Saturday was attended by about 245 Classmates & friends who enjoyed a great meal, displays of photos and memorabelia, enthusiastic visiting and dancing to the live music of "Coin Operators." 
Some 58 Classmates and families participated in fun and games at the potluck picnic on Sunday at Wapato Park. 
156 Memory Books were produced and distributed at the reunion and thru the mail. 
As pictures from these events come in, they will be added below or on other Web pages.
Save the second Saturday in September 2010 for our 50th Reunion!!

Click here to view a complete set of photos from the reunion, committee meetings, old class photos, etc.

Please submit your reunion or old class photos by e-mail to



The entire 126 page 2005 Memory Book is available for download either as Word document files or as pdf files. 


Four of the pdf files are available at   and 4 additional pages and files are available at  and the one remaining pdf file and 3 Word document files are available at          


Each file is 5MB or less in size.


pdf files are read/printed using the FREE Acrobat PDF reader available at:


Once you have downloaded the Word or pdf files, you can print your own copy of the 2005 Memory Book (including color photos) on your own computer.


PDF Files:

Lincoln Memory Book 1to12.pdf – pages 1- 12, 4.806MB

Lincoln Memory Book 13to19.pdf – pages 13- 19, 4.171MB

Lincoln Memory Book 20to26.pdf – pages 20- 26, 4.940MB

Lincoln Memory Book 27to34.pdf – pages 27- 34, 4.926MB

Lincoln Memory Book 35to42.pdf – pages 35- 42, 4.669MB

Lincoln Memory Book 43to64.pdf – pages 43- 64, 4.866MB

Lincoln Memory Book 65to91.pdf – pages 65- 91, 4.756MB

Lincoln Memory Book 92to106.pdf – pages 92- 106, 4.944MB

Lincoln Memory Book 107to127.pdf – pages 107- 127, 2.802MB


And Word Files:

Files 2005BookMinPart1.doc thru 9.doc:

Part number                  Pages                                       Size

1                                  1-18                                          4.903MB

2                                  19-30                                        4.554MB

3                                  31-43                                        4.817MB

4                                  44-59                                        4.754MB

5                                  60-75                                        4.934MB

6                                  76-91                                        4.951MB

7                                  92-108                                      4.123MB

8                                  109-117 (All Landscaped)            4.661MB

9                                  118-126                         .229MB



In addition, all photos have been moved to an MSN Photo Savers Web site for viewing and downloading by anyone.  Two pages from the 2005 memory book which didn’t survive the PDF conversion process and the front and back covers in full color are available in the “2005 Memory Book Pages” photo album at that Web site.  Other photo albums there include “Reunion Photos September 2005”, “Old School Photos”, “Reunion Committee Photos”, "Gary Hershey Photos Dec 2005", "1960 Annual Pages" and "Memory Book Classmate Photos".  This last album includes all of the photos submitted for the Memory Book, including classmate's name.  More photos and scans of previous memory books and annuals will be added to the Web site in the future.  The Web site is:


A detailed example of downloading from MSN Photo Saver:

Click on “Reunion Committee Photos” under “Photo album” on right side of page

First of 33 pictures is loaded into viewing window

Click on right icon which is “View full size photos”

First of the 33 pictures appears large

Click on the small photos near the bottom to change the large photo shown

Right click on the large picture and then click on “Save picture as …”

The resulting block allows you to download the picture to your computer to the folder you select, e.g., “My Documents” and to name the photo in the “File name” box.

Click on “Save” and it is done.


Some Reunion details are presented below.
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Live music was provided by the group "Coin Operators"
(additional photos are on our newest Web page link above)


Blue Skies Greeted Us at the Tacoma Yacht Club


The Registration Desk in Action


Early Arrivals in the Ballroom

About 2 dozen pics below submitted by Shirley (Heggen) LaVelle and covering the Tacoma Yacht Club and the picnic (most moved to alternate Tripod web site)



Click here to see more Reunion Photos in our Lincoln600 Web Site

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